The Practice

Dr. Whiteside has provided psychological services in Raleigh or Cary, North Carolina since 1975. You are encouraged to review the information on this web site but Dr. Whiteside and his practice manager will be glad to address your questions by phone. We are not scheduling new patients at this time.

Reid Whiteside, Ph.D., P.C. offers you a private, personalized care from an experienced psychologist in a quiet, professional setting. Parking is close and plentiful. The practice is comprised of only the doctor and the practice administrator. Brodie Whiteside has managed the practice since 2006; he will be familiar with your administrative, claims filing, and scheduling needs. Dr. Whiteside’s shares the suite during limited hours with a child psychologist and a child psychiatrist. Though in separate practices, they can provide specialized, adjunctive services conveniently if needed.

At your first visit you may explain what led you to seek counseling and provide any background information that will help the doctor understand your situation, issues, and your goals. During the next visit or two we will develop a tentative plan and timeline. The rationale for recommended therapeutic approaches will be given and reference materials may be suggested. Dr. Whiteside’s approach is typically focused on developing concrete solutions, building skills, and resolving conflicts. Duration is typically brief or with graduated steps to longer intervals between sessions. You will be treated as a person seeking change or relief – not as a “disorder” or label to be treated. Psychotherapy typically includes a combination of approaches including cognitive behavioral, family systems, solution-focused, interpersonal, and elements of dialectical behavior therapy. Some biofeedback, relaxation, training, and visualization techniques may be suggested.

Notice: Patients, clients, and family members are seen without regard to race, gender, sexual or religious orientation, disabilities, marital status, or economic and ethnic backgrounds to the extent that my approach, experience, skills and training are suited to meet any special needs. Sliding scale rates may be available on a limited basis. Minors must have the consent and support of their parents, custodial parent, or legal guardian. If a minor patient’s parents are divorced, both parents must agree to counseling, or at least have no objection. Reid Whiteside, Ph.D., P.C. is a LGBTQ friendly practice.

Dr. Whiteside

Reid Whiteside, Ph.D. is a North Carolina certified health services provider and licensed psychologist. He has provided psychological services in Raleigh or Cary, North Carolina since 1975 in private practice settings as well as for county and state treatment agencies. When indicated, Dr. Whiteside enjoys working collaboratively with his clients’ other health care providers, attorneys, or teachers.

Dr. Whiteside grew up in an Air Force family, living on three continents and in many states. He came to North Carolina to attend Wake Forest University, where he graduated with a major in Psychology. He stayed in North Carolina, where he and his wife have raised three children. He earned his Master’s degree in the Clinical Psychology program at East Carolina University and his Doctorate of Philosophy (Ph.D.) degree in the A.P.A.-Approved School Psychology program at NC State University. Dr. Whiteside did his pre-doctoral internship at Harlem Valley Psychiatric Center in New York. He is a member of the American and North Carolina Psychological Associations, National Register of Health Service Psychologists, National Association of School Psychologists, and International Academy of Collaborative Professionals among others. He has pursued post-graduate education and intensive supervision in a variety of professional approaches and skills from nationally-renowned practitioners.

My Clinical Approach

At all times I am aware of the trust, time, and money invested by clients who come to me seeking relief from distress or to make changes in their lives – often when a relationship, success in school or job, or emotional well-being are at stake. The psychotherapeutic relationship involves commitment and accountability on both sides of the endeavor; the Psychologist-Patient Services contract and HIPAA Confidentiality Disclosure, and my resume should be read carefully before beginning treatment. I take my professional responsibilities seriously and consult as needed with other professionals. For other influences on my clinical orientation and outlook you may click on “More About Dr. Whiteside.” My therapeutic approach is eclectic and pragmatic, and my personal style tends to be active, informal, and goal-oriented. Unfortunately, to me “eclectic” carries the connotation of an undirected mish-mash of approaches. What I mean by eclectic is different: I am qualified to offer a variety of specialized treatment approaches but seek to use whichever “tool” is most likely to be helpful for a particular individual.

For example, for some clients a Solution-Focused Brief Therapy or cognitive-behavioral approach is clearly indicated; for others it may be desirable instead to slowly promote comfort, rapport, personal growth, and insight before (or instead of) emphasizing specific behavior change. As another example of eclecticism, some people like to be given “homework” tasks and reading assignments; others greatly prefer the opportunity for unstructured exploration and inner reflection offered in the context of interpersonal and supportive psychotherapy. In family therapy especially, there are times for an “educational” approach, and there are times when firm guidance and limit-setting are needed.